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We offer multiple solutions for many companies who boast all types of different needs. Our mission is to provide quality Cloud Storage to all by blanketing cities with our service options.

We believe in providing the perfect solution for any company no matter what.



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Gravity Veeam Backup

Gravity Data Cloud Backup is a complete backup and recovery solution that keeps data secure, minimizes downtime and protects business operations

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Gravity 365

Gravity Backup for Microsoft Office 365 eliminates the risk of losing access to business-critical data and ensures that you remain in complete control.

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Gravity Cloud Racks

Gravity Data offers per rack-unit space in our private cage in the Equinix SE2 facility in Seattle, Washington.  We can provide everything from just the space, power, cooling all the way to a fully managed instance of your performance hub connection to the cloud exchange or Internet exchange! 

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