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Disaster Recovery As A Service

The Problem:

Too many organizations have a disconnect between the business needs for continuity & disaster protection and what IT knows is needed to make it a reality. Sometimes there are misaligned expectations and/or misaligned budgets. Either way, a simple, well-executed Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan that is run frequently, tested often, and reported on is the exception more than the rule.

Our Solution:

At Gravity Data Services, we are here to change that. We want to be your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery team, as an extension of your IT team. Our DRaaS service 

We will start by giving you professional consultants for your Disaster Recovery plan development and/or Business Impact Analysis. Then, we will map that plan to a custom-built environment in a DRaaS platform that is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader. We will operate this platform on your behalf. Then we will proactively turn up your environment two times per year to test and report, while making the environment fully available to you in case of a disaster.

Cloud-based disaster recovery
has become the standard for companies
who are looking to protect digital assets.

But not every cloud is what it seems. Expertise and experience are key to a successful DR plan.

Why Us?

Expert Extension to Internal DR

Leave the worry behind.  With over ten years of experience delivering DRaaS, we run your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity programs as an extension of your team.

Accelerated Recovery Time

Once you declare a disaster, our DRaaS solution can fail over in seconds—an almost instantaneous Recovery Time Objective (RTO) that can be further tailored by tiering workloads. 

Security and Testing

Once the workloads are stable in the cloud, attention turns to security and compliance. Gravity Data runs the iland Secure Cloud platform, which ensures that workloads are safe, secure, and compliant. And we test annually. 

Execute Your DR Plan at Any Time

With Gravity Data Services, you get self-service, live and test failover capacity, and assisted failback that gives you the confidence to test your continuity plan whenever you like, as often as you need. 

How It Works

Gravity will bring professional, highly skilled and experienced consultants to help guide you in your DR plan development, Business Impact Analysis, Gap Analysis, and Run Book creation. Then we will build the appropriate environment using a DR-as-a-service platform that is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader. We will run it on your behalf as your individual DR team. We will monitor, test, and report on the environment as many as four times per year.

Straight Forward Pricing

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