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The Equinix Performance Hub gives you the ability to efficiently deploy resources at the edge, closest to your end-users, enabling a whole new level of global network performance and reduced cost. Configured to your enterprise requirements, Performance Hub is based on a core set of vendor-agnostic components which leverage Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ to give you secure, scalable access to major network and cloud service providers in all your important markets.

Gravity Data provides an affordable, low-risk approach to Equinix Performance Hub. Gravity Cloud Racks – we can host your gear for your private performance hub connection based on 1RU (rack unit) pricing!  In addition, before committing to full-scale deployment, you can test and measure the impact of Performance Hub designs on your applications and workloads in the Gravity Data facility on a pay-as-you-go fashion.

Gravity Data brings down barriers to a performance hub connection by offering per rack-unit space in our private cage in the Equinix SE2 facility in Seattle, Washington.  We can provide everything from just the space, power, cooling all the way to a fully managed instance of your performance hub connection!  Please contact us for more details.


See how Equinix Performance Hub delivers a new level of performance.

How does the Gravity Racks - Performance Hub Connection benefit you?

Better Performance, Lower Cost

  • Reduce bandwidth costs by 40%
  • Significantly improve WAN performance
  • Securely connect to 2,500+ cloud providers, including: AWSIBM, Azure,  GoogleOracle Cloud
  • 65% faster web server response times
  • Run SharePoint 39% faster
  • Improve VDI launch times by 40%
  • Lower network latency for video streaming by 47%

How it works?

The Equinix Performance Hub™ solution is based on a set of core components, all of which are vendor-agnostic and can be customized and configured to meet your unique business needs. Learn more about what the Equinix Performance Hub solution can do for you.

Connectivity Solutions

WANs connecting Performance Hub solutions to corporate data centers and branch offices

Mobile networks and ISPs for delivering applications and web services to end users

Direct connections to cloud services, including AWS, Oracle Cloud or Microsoft Azure


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